You can do this: Plan a Perfectly Healthy Day

hummingbird-1047-1680x1050Hello Everyone,

There were women that wanted to come on my self-care retreat this week that couldn’t. If you’re one of them, I want you to know there are other ways to kick start your way to wellness.

I understand that many of you get little time off from work and have too many family responsibilities to do a solo vacation or you don’t have the income to afford a health retreat. Some of you told me you feel too sick to travel.

Several of you even enrolled for this Self Care retreat with me, but your plans fell through with childcare, family and pet emergencies.

Don’t worry.

If you are thinking you are missing out, here is the truth. While five days of meditation, healthy food, yoga and nature’s beauty may get you off to a great start toward changing your standard lifestyle to one of wellness—the actual transformation that sustains your health always begins again when you get home.

You don’t have to come live with me for a week to jumpstart your life of wellness.

You do have to decide what wellness looks like in your life, keep the vision alive, check your lab work and work toward health one day at a time.

Create an ideal schedule. Dream it up!
This is how my self care retreats got started to begin with. I planned a perfect day and invited women into it.

First —Decide what time is best
for you to get up, to eat, and when,
where and how long to exercise. *(not exercising? See below)

1. Now, Preplan your home meals and decide
what amount of eating out works for you.

This is so important! Eating healthy is all about “the plan” to eat healthy.                                                                         Choose restaurants CAREFULLY, look on line at their menus first!

2. Shop once or twice a week for complete
meals (this keeps you out of the store of

Buy quality over quantity—go for fresh, green,
free range, gmo free, hormone free, grass fed
foods. And cook up several meals at once. A
pot of soup, prewashed salad fixings, a roast
chicken or casserole go a long way toward
comfort foods when unexpected time shortages
fall upon you.

3. Post your plan. And for heavens sake- put it
on your calendar! This is for your own
reminder. You’ve got to make yourself a
priority. Inform the people that you live or
work with that you will be doing a few things
differently and at specific times. Yep, tell them
you are making self care a priority this week. If
they really love you they’ll be supportive. If
they are used to using you (are you everyone’s
servant?), expect a back lash. Know that
attachments to the status quo must change and
change isn’t easy for any of us, but worth it for
everyone! Your self care will be a gift to them in
the end when you are in a better mood, have
more energy and stay healthy!

Don’t be afraid to begin again and again. Find a supportive community. Stay inspired with information. There are dozens of sites and shows that I watch to feel connected that keep me “re-inspired”. Making it through a whole week of self-care is a major cause for celebration. It may take months to accomplish a 24 hour day of self-care. It may take a year to accomplish a whole week.

You do have to be compassionate with yourself for we live in a culture that goes against eating, sleeping and living in a healthy way.

Right? Just look at the commercials on TV! Seems we can’t start our day without a prescription drug or two, a box of nutritionally dead cereal and a sugar filled mocha blended frappachino something!

People can actually trigger shame in us as we move towards health— saying we’re too uptight, becoming neurotic or over the edge. Remember that “misery loves company”. Friends and family may not like your adherence to a healthy lifestyle plan if it brings up their guilt for not having one.

There are lots of obstacles to overcome, bumps in the road, stops and starts, crashes, but eventually you’ll gain good habits and emotional strength. You’ll get to a place where others may be eating french fries in front of you, but you’ll want the arugula salad with pine nuts and avocado more!

Will you take the time to plan what a nourishing day would look like for you?

I’m encouraging you to give it your best shot and plan that perfect day template. Astonish yourself with how much you already know about what you need to feel great.

If you find moving toward wellness is completely beyond you, that months are rolling by and you never get started or your health takes a dive, I am here to support you with my programs and retreats, but honestly you may not need that!

Designing what an ideal healthy day looks like may be all you need to move into a life of wellness.

Love, Gwendolyn

* Dr. I-Min Lee of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a Harvard professor and senior author of, “Leisure Time Physical Activity of Moderate to Vigorous Intensity And Mortality: A Large Pooled Cohort Analysis,”pub Nov, 2012, confirmed, according to her data, a middle-aged person who gets the recommended 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise — defined as the level of brisk walking — can expect a 1-to-7 return: seven extra minutes of life gained for each minute spent exercising. And a 1-14 min. return for strenuous exercise!

Dr. Lee’s paper drew on pooled data from six large studies that included more than 650,000 people followed over ten years, and showed that people who exercised at the recommended moderate level gained 3.4 years of life after age 40.


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