Wisdom & Grace: New Life Vision

A six month, one-on-one, Transformational Journey Together.

Doesn’t matter where you live, we’ll connect by phone or in person. You’ll get undivided attention either way.          

Develop Self Care, Power and Strength for a new level of joy and productivity.

You’ll get:

  • 20 Discovery Tools and Assessments
  • A New Lifestyle of Self Care
  • 18 fifty minute live sessions plus unlimited email support
  • Success strategies to fulfill your DREAMS.

Your Grace filled Journey will be personally defined and held together with passion and purpose. It takes some showing up but whatever it takes, it is worth it. My own total life recovery happened in 6 months. Emotional and Spiritual recovery is a daily practice, but don’t worry … we will set up practices that work for you!

First Month:

We begin with three 60-minute personal design sessions during the first month or take the option of an on site half day (three hours optional lunch) together to crystallize your goals, strengths, and opportunities. We will do a circle of GRACE life Assessment together and you will write a brief biography to uncover your truth and power!

 You’ll will then get:

  • Three 50-minute sessions per month to support your agenda, goals and accountability. These sessions focus on transformation, inner awareness, and circumventing blocks. Most clients work by phone.
  • Specialized materials and individualized email support will keep your goals fresh.
  • A total of 20 different tools and assessments to empower your insights, wisdom and direction.
  • Advance notice and special pricing on retreats, workshops, and other public offerings with a blogged message each week to support your self care and wellness.
  • A new article each month on ‘Moving Forward’ which examines self care and the life you want through the lens of the acronym G.R.A.C.E. (giving, receiving, appreciating, connecting and expressing — components that must be balanced to be well,  live well, stay well in a full expression of joy).

In addition, you’ll:

  • do a weekly life review of the ways you desire to give your gifts and talents to this world
  • examine your relationships in the context of receiving
  • examine your ability to appreciate your present circumstances
  • define what you stand for and the challenges you face in making connections
  • examine your connections and existing support in life
  • identify the opportunities in your life right now that need to be expressed
  • find the practices that support your definition of better living
  • face the relationship patterns that might get in your way and learn to express your own power to get your needs met.

This 6-Month commitment really works to offset the resistance to change.

The ‘Wisdom & Grace’ price is $2,890 for the six month journey.  Pay for the first three months up front and save 25% using this button now! Call 415-686-6197 for a free consult. Paypal or Credit Cards are okay.

Questioning whether you are worth 6 months of attention? Of course you are! Let’s talk about it.

If for any reason you are not satisfied after our first three months or your goals

have been achieved there is no obligation to go forward.

Simple call me for a consult to get started. I ‘ll get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays.

Love, Gwendolyn