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LowRES4950Hello Wise Woman,

Being a type A woman with a heart that wants to serve others (and a mind that wants to create more and more ways to help) is often overwhelming. I too, get tempted to jump on the computer and check email after 9pm when I should be going to bed to read and calm down. I get tempted by junk food and coffee (my hubby got that cute little french press in December that makes the house smell like Starbucks- my old addiction!). Even knowing that coffee makes me nervous and puts weight around my middle from the rise in cortisol it causes—coffee is still hard to resist. Side note on coffee—yes, it allowed me to do more than was humanly possible but boy did I pay for it!

What happens on a wellness retreat is this—we get to fall in love with health, simplicity and fill up on relaxation that comes back with us, inspiring better ways, and creating stronger desires for a natural life. It’s how I got over fibromyalgia, depression, irritable colon, chronic fatigue and chronic upset!

I am committed to offering five day retreats six times a year.

You can attend one every third week of every month in October and from January until June. You’ll learn how easy it is to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, whether you are gluten,vegan, sugar free or diabetic—you’ll have support. It is exciting to share the retreat home  in 2007 and invite more women to ask themselves, “Is this a week I need? and if so What exactly is needed to get on top of my game that week?”

Why take time out for wellness? Because so many of us neglect ourselves and end up off track— way off track!

Women can sail through midlife when we take care of ourselves in our 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and thrive— really thrive— in our sixties! (Don’t Worry—No matter what you did in your earlier years there is still hope!)

You are so worthy of taking time to make a plan for your own super self care! It is the foundation of your success.

Our culture needs a forthright reset. Periodically life demands a reset! A friend told me today in the Czech Republic Mom’s get three years off after a baby—3 Years Paid vacation. What is wrong with the west? A lot!

I would love to include you with everything you need to reboot on your precious 2 weeks off per year. You deserve a vacation time instead of a week off work where you do the 100 things on your to do list! One or two weeks of self care could mean those 100 hundred things do get done—imagine 2 every week if you’re feeling good versus very few if you are tired or sick.

And this is completely possible when planning ahead to customize your time and budget for your ideal dream week.

Here is a sneak peak at what you could be living this week!

Theme— Giving Wisely to Your Self
Optional —6 am Inspiring Reading/ Dream Analysis, 6:30-7 Meditation in the Queen Palm Circle, 7-7:45 am Yoga/Walking

8-8:30 Breakfast of Oatmeal, Berries or Organic Smoothies
8:30-900 Journal time to write about your relationship
to food, life, love and self, or simply float in the hot spa watching hummingbirds on wild lantana (yes it springs up everywhere!)

9-11- Discovery Life Planning- learn tools to change your life, or read in a lazy lounge chair or go back to bed. Sleep may be exactly what you need to change your life!
12-1 Walk to Lunch – So many choices!— Mamma Gina’s shrimp salad, Wolf Gang puck’s grilled chicken salad, Pizza Vino’s arugula mango/strawberry salad, Tommy Bahama’s kale salad with avocado to name a few of many choices!
1-2 Quiet Time Rejuvenation (Shhhh….No talking—introverts recharging.)
1-5 Spa Options at the Mira Monte Resort or —Pool Time at home with a free Foot Reflexology session (I am certified).

530-630 Dinner At Home—learn a quick 30 min., no fuss, lean meal.
630-730 Quiet Time- YOUR time to do nothing! or something!
7:30-9 Woman Time- Learning and Sharing Together – Movies, Discussions, Dancing Around the House and Laughing!
9pm— Quiet, Quiet Time…lights out at 10pm.

Got Ideas about your dream day or a self care issue? Want to plan one for yourself at home or away? Let’s get connected and help me help you.

In Loving Wellness, 

Life support for the hard working woman,

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