How to turn Burnout on it’s Heels.


The Client: “I would like to know what to do when you feel burnout approaching. I want to know what I can do immediately to restore my self and turn it back on it’s heels. I know you turned it around.”

This client works full-time with several children and a long commute. She gets five hours of sleep and has no days off as she cooks and cleans all weekend.

Me: “Congratulations in that you notice when burn out is approaching. Actually I didn’t turn it around. I ignored it over a two year period and ended up with chronic fatigue and depression. Now I’ve learned how to avoid it. What do you think might help you? What do you already know that does help you?”

Client: “I think I should quit my job but I can’t. I know I am doing too much but can’t seem to stop.”

Me: “Certainly illness will stop you if you don’t change your ways now. Are you ready to do that?”

Burnout is serious and leads to many different physical and mental illnesses. Symptoms of burnout are often tolerated instead of addressed:
poor sleep
waking up tired
low energy
impatience and anger.
These can result in using food to help us cope with stress and that leads to gaining weight, or not taking time to eat which leads to losing weight. We can feel blue or overwhelmed, have frequent minor illnesses, aches and pains plus digestive issues (our stomach and colon is like a registry of our emotional health and wellbeing.)

What to do? Get serious. Take yourself through this GRACE assessment and spend 3 minutes exploring each of these questions. You might want to discuss your answers with a friend or partner. These fifteen minutes could change your life and/or save your health. Write down your answers. If you need to do so, get support to change your habits.

1. Where are you over Giving? You know— giving more than you are truly able to give without suffering afterwards or resenting it.From a place of joy what do you really want to give? and where do you want to give it?

2. Where are you not fully Receiving? You know—saying “no thanks” to help because you always say “no” to help. What do you need to receive? more sleep, healthier food, some structure to your day? sunlight, fun?

3. What are you not Appreciating? You know—where are you walking around complaining about life when you could be grateful for what it offers you? What needs to be appreciated? Your home, health, your job?

4. Where or to whom do you need to feel more Connected? You know how separation cuts you off from yourself, so ask is there a disconnect from a loved one that weighs heavy on your heart? Is there a longing for a group that knows you where you get to support a cause bigger than yourself? This loneliness or internal pain, in itself, can cause burnout. Trying to work, managing a home or keeping up daily self care can feel like carrying a pyramid on your back with hurt feelings and harbored upsets inside.

5. Where are you not fully Expressing yourself? What passion, talent, desire needs to become real in your world? When was the last time you claimed the space to create something with your hands, or your heart and shared it?

These five keys can open a channel of inspiration and turn burnout on it’s heels. Let your inner wisdom speak! Some of us need to get away to do this and that’s okay.  I can help with that if you need it.

And what happened with my client? Fortunately this client said yes to inquiry and change. She didn’t need to quit her job. She stopped over giving and left work on time, started receiving help from a sister and friend to share in the cooking, appreciated her life in new ways, got connected to a Mom’s groups which gave her space to laugh and she turned off the TV at 9pm so she could have time to read some novels that laid waiting in a stack by her bed. This let her unwind and then she could fall asleep at 10pm.

Please, I invite you to share situations of burn out that you are facing on the blog or to share what has helped you through some. Your story can help somebody else!

Loving Wellness, because you are worthy of it!

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