Wellness in a World of Madness

IMG_1402Wellness begins with what we are being, not doing. It is the being, the essence of what we hold ourselves to be, that leads us. Our own awareness and consciousnes is the most powerful healing tool.

Linking arms with others for support is an essential part of your happiness.

Today the news maybe full of madness: another shooting at a school, another war started and an endangered species lost. How do we stay well in a world of chaos? How do we dare to feel the pain and hold a space for love and hope?

Where do we find peace in a broken heart and a world that seems bent on insanity? In reading David Hawkins “the Eye of the I”, he speaks of a world where 78 percent of the planet is below the level of truth and integrity. He shares that only 4 percent of the population lives at a level of unconditional love.

That astounded me and it inspired me. He talked about the power of one person dwelling in unconditional love and the exponential healing power it brings about. One person offering unconditional love offsets hundreds that don’t know it. Those that create violence manifest the misery they know internally. Compassion is the ultimate solution.

Those of us that have known violence, know it resides in us. It is lifetime work to attain inner peace. Even Mother Theresa said she could take care of the worst of people because she knew there was a “Hitler” in her, too. We are all things. To get beyond pain and the creation of it we must know we are more than our worst thoughts and our worst experiences. We are more than our worst actions. When we speak in words of compassion to ourselves, and each other, we unwind the power of anger. Understanding conversations do not light the fuse of violence, indeed they give it no place to go.  We detonate it.  We may even change the course of a life‚especially our own life.

Women of all ages and races; We are in powerful places to rock the cradle of  the world one person at a time and it begins with us. Remember wellness is peace, and we are worthy of it. We get to experience what we give. And remember you are a worthy being.

My relationships to work, family, children and my marriage turned around 180 degrees when I learned how to take care of my needs which resulted in my happiness and health.


Let’s cherish each other and enlarge the space of peace with in us, today.

It can change everything.

If you need help to find this peace, know that you are not alone.

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Loving Wellness, Gwendolyn

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