Vaccines…Are we being told the truth?


Last month my pregnant daughter’s OB/GYN insisted that she take a vaccine for whooping cough in her office right on the spot.

I was floored.  My mouth fell open to hear this because I thought we were in a day and age of trying to keep pregnant women free of all toxic substances This particular vaccine contains aluminum, a known carcinogen, plus attenuated (and possibly live) virus. So, I turned to the research on the efficacy of doing this type of vaccination and found—none.

The package insert says that the TDaP (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) vaccine has not been tested on any animals or humans and was not recommended for anyone pregnant. Shocking. Even the USDA does not recommend it.

Did you know that our children now receive up to 65 doses of vaccines by age 18 as opposed to the 16 doses that those in our fifties grew up getting?

If you think this has made kids healthier—then check this chart out from the national vaccine information center. org


1976: 1 child in 30 was learning disabled 1980: 1 child in 27 had asthma
1990’s: 1 child in 555 developed autism 2001: 1 child in 500 had diabetes

→ 2013: 1 child in 6 is learning disabled. → 2013: 1 child in 9 has asthma.
→ 2013: 1 child in 50 develops autism. → 2013: 1 child in 400 has diabetes.


1953: CDC recommended 16 doses of 4 vaccines (smallpox, DPT) between two months and age six.

1983: CDC recommended 23 doses of 7 vaccines (DPT, MMR, polio) between two months and age six.

2013: CDC recommended 49 doses of 14 vaccines between day of birth and age six and 69 doses of 16 vaccines between day of birth and age 18.

Are all doctors in favor of this? NO! It’s true that the increase in illnesses could be processed foods, GMO’s, environmental air toxins. Who knows? But the truth is we just don’t know and it could be vaccines.

Dr. Susan Humphries became concerned when her own patients told her they incurred severe health issues after mandatory vaccinations were given.
Susan has now devoted her life to vaccine research. I’ve included a link to her lecture. She says, “I used to give and get vaccines, but not to the degree that babies are vaccinated today… After my years of research, there are no vaccines that I would take today. I don’t care if I am going to Africa or Sri Lanka, I am willing to accept the responsibility for the outcome because I have researched how to keep myself healthy and keep my immune system working even if I am faced with Ebola virus.
“I don’t have any fear of dying from infection because I have done my research. You are all capable of doing that—making your own decision.

She goes on…”Today most parents have developed an understanding of health that goes beyond their doctors. I am not saying that doctors are bad or evil people, I am saying they are not informed and are too busy to get informed”
She goes on to say that doctors are not taught about vaccines whatsoever in medical school. For her full hour lecture given in Sweden go here—

From Dr. Eric Davenport—”We are living in some interesting times. CA bill SB 277 requires every child be up to date on the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule to attend public or private school. This is happening in the midst of the United Kingdom settling in court to pay $90 million in compensation to families of 800+ children who were severely brain damaged by the swine flu vaccine last year. The vaccine caused neurological damage from narcolepsy to cataplexy (loss of muscle function) due to the harmful, toxic additives such as mercury, aluminum, MSG, antibiotics, and formaldehyde. Even the Norwegian government has paid out $13 million in damages to children who were forever damaged by the Pandemrix vaccine.

“Most Americans don’t know that the US government set up a court for vaccine injury in 1984 (absolving drug companies from all damages) that is separate from our regular judicial system that has paid more than $3 billion to families of vaccine injured children. Unfortunately the majority of vaccine injuries are never reported due to the limited and stringent requirements.”


Serious vaccine reactions should be documented in medical records and promptly reported to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).

This change in the California law all started with the 32 people contracting measles in Disneyland in 2014, 18 of whom, were vaccinated. There were no deaths or severe complications. So why did this lead to mandatory vaccines?

We have got to get educated about who and what is behind this. Does the billion dollar Pharma industry have more to do with educating our doctors than those who are objective? Why is the research done by those who stand to gain from selling vaccines?

It is up to us to stay informed. California has now made the CDC vaccines schedule mandatory even if the child had a serious prior vaccine reaction. Parents here no longer have a choice if they wish for their child to enter public or private schools.

One blogger expressed all his concerns, Lawrence M. Cameron , 5 months ago

“Expect to be forced to do things against our will, when it comes to being controlled by this new Government Corporate controlled “FASCISM.” In some of these flu or vaccines shots are live viruses. Check out Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Dr. Russell Blaylock Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, Dr. Tim O’Shea’s (Vaccination is not immunization) book. Instead of taking the flu shot, get your Vitamin “D” hydroxy serum test done, in order to see what levels Vitamin “D” is in your body. Most people in the winter months have low vitamin “D” levels. Look up these Doctors and what they have researched and found out about. What are in these vaccines?????? These vaccines are full of toxic chemicals, heavy metals and live viruses. CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!!!!!! If your immune system is taxed or not up to par, you will get the condition, that you are being vaccinated against. There are many sad stories of the damages of people who got these shots. Why does the U.S. Government have a fund set up to compensate these families from these vaccine injuries???? WHAT DOES THIS TELL US ABOUT VACCINES????? CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF.”

Are we being told the truth about vaccines? Where is our information coming from?

Why have we as a nation given drug companies blanket coverage from damages?

Why did I get the flu the only year I ever got the flu vaccine?

I don’t have all the answers and I am not telling anyone to not get vaccinated. But I do encourage everyone’s questions and the right to pursue the information needed to have the answers we each need to decide, without anyone being forced to have medical procedures.

What do you think? Let me know here on the blog.

Love, Gwendolyn

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