Do you have these symptoms?


Cleanse Your Body, Cleanse Your Mind

Symptoms and Conditions that Benefit from Detoxing:

Think about cleansing if you …
1) crave sweets, bread, pasta, white rice and/or potatoes 2) eat processed foods three times a week (like TV dinners, lunch meats, bacon, canned soup, snack bars) 3) drink caffeinated beverages 3 or more times a day 4) drink diet soda’s, use artificial sweetener 5) sleep less than 8 hours a night 6) drink less than 64 oz of water a day 7) are very sensitive to smoke or chemicals, fumes 8) have ever taken antibiotics, antidepressants, or prescription meds 9) took birth control pills 10) have frequent yeast infections 12) have silver fillings 13) use commercial household cleansers, cosmetics or deodorants 14) ever smoked 15) are overweight 16) live near environmental toxins 17) feel tired, sad, depressed, stressed and/or unfocused 18) have digestive symptoms, bloating, gas or constipation 19) you get colds or have sinus congestion 20) have bad breath 21) dark circles under the eyes 22) have allergies, skin issues, rashes, get hives or burning itch eyes.

If you have more than five of these symptoms or habits you will very likely or significantly benefit from cleansing and you may, like I did, eliminate one or more of your chronic conditions. For me diet changes eliminated fibromyalgia, depression, breakouts, sinus infections and increased my desire for healthy food over processed food.

The Power of Green is REAL!

In reading testimonials from J.J. Smith’s book on cleansing, this one caught my eye— “My father has battled high blood pressure for as long as I can remember. I said that he needed to do a detox and he did not question me. Halfway through the cleanse (five days) I asked if he felt any different. He said he had more energy and could now walk up stairs without stopping to rest. Two days after finishing the cleanse he went for his check up and he had lost 21 pounds and his blood pressure was perfect.” —Tara L.

How could this happen so quickly? Cleansing aides the liver to release toxins that interfere with metabolism. I have seen people release excess pounds at an extraordinary rate without even feeling hungry by eating only pure, organic, vital nutrients while cutting out alcohol, dairy, sugar, gluten and caffeine for 10-14 days and going “green”. Really? The liver works twenty-four seven to breakdown our fats and clean our blood. A congested liver leads to weight gain around the middle, headaches, irregularity and many issues. Cleansing is like sending your liver to a spa.

Until I took radical control of my health in 2007 most of the “food” I was eating wasn’t even real food! The studies I on GMO foods are frightening. (You can see the results at Pigs raised only on genetically modified corn and soy were found to have thinning colons that in some cases led to death. We need to think more like the wild mammals that get everything they need from natural sources— mostly leafy green plants. Look at elephants and gorillas!

The first three to four days of a cleanse can be uncomfortable as the toxic loads gets released into our blood streams but with plans to rest those first days, to hydrate, especially fluids with chlorophyll—and with the right proteins to rebuild us, we can get beyond the symptoms to a new level of health. Slow and steady wins the race.

It is more fun to cleanse with a buddy, a coach or support person or a group of friends. I can help you do this. If you not sure which cleanse is right for you I do free consults and would be glad to offer my thoughts. You can get daily face book support for questions, humor and inspiration. Sometimes we need to laugh our way through diet changes—”Why did Eve move to New York? —She fell for the Big Apple!”

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and get that life support!
Love, Gwendolyn

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