Ten Imperatives of Self Care


The Ten Commandments of Self Care

I. Give Yourself Love & Belonging. Committing to self care starts with a commitment to love yourself in addition to others. Being codependent really screws up your self care! Louise Hay can help you adopt this compassionate mindset with her book You Can Heal Your Life.
II. Give Yourself a Purpose that Comes from Within. Undo those scripts that hold you back, that create chaos and
“stuckness” and find your way to fulfilling work/hobbies. Work with Passion is Nancy Anderson’s successful book that changes life from the inside out in a systematic way.
III. Receive Your Sleep and Plenty of It. The liver, lungs and large intestine need deep sleep to recharge! This is key to having ample energy.
IV. Receive Pure Water—and Stay Hydrated. If you really understood how many diseases start with dehydration you would carry water with you every where you go! Don’t believe me? Try reading Your body’s many cries for water, You’re not sick; You’re thirsty by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.
V. Receive Real Food in the correct proportions and at the right times. Grain Brian by Dr. David Perlmutter is fascinating. He is the only neurologist in the US that is also a clinical nutritionist and his data is compelling. Healing with Whole foods by Paul Pritchard is also my bible for choosing which food to support which organ.
VI. Appreciate Your Home as the Beautiful Shelter of Your Life. This comes from my own experience of over twenty moves in thirty years. My memoir (when it gets published by the end of this year) will illustrate the need we have for that sense of home that connects us to familiarity and ease.
VII. Appreciate Everything—Nature, Fresh Air and Mother Earth. Take a walk, look at a tree, study a flower and pet an animal. Make contact with nature every day for she has healing power.
VIII. Appreciate the Freedom to Choose Your Thoughts. It is “right thinking” that allows us to get what we need in the moment. Ask and it shall be given by Abraham and Esther Hicks, her CD’s or conferences can help you see endless ways to open your thoughts.
IX. Connect and Find People that You Enjoy. They will inspire you to keep going!
X. Expressing Yourself Fully. Embrace changes that bring you alive. Follow your heart and do what it calls you to do. Let your life embrace movement, pursue pleasure and fun. Getting just enough exercise and not too much has never been more important than in our culture. Before the automobile many people walked eight miles a day to share what they were doing with others.

So how do these work in real life challenges?

Let’s say you are like Ronda.

Rhonda is a super busy executive coach wanting to reverse her type two diabetes. Like I used to do, she wants to step over the basics of self care and likes talking about changes without ever fully committing to them. Her experience is one step forward and one step back. Common sense tells her this is never going to work, but she isn’t listening. She has that “next-shiny-thing-syndrome” where she falls in love with new programs (she has done 3 wellness programs in the past year), she keeps trying new diets, takes every new drug her doctor suggests without doing her own research, while continuing to over eat the latest gourmet food fad. She stays on the go, go go—with air travel, vacations and houseguests. The best results she’s had all year were during a week she was sick and that’s when she rested. But when she got well her family “loved” her up with food and she went along with them and up again went her blood tests.

I ask if she has had enough of this. “How come I am not getting better,” she cried. I love Rhonda, but until Rhonda starts loving Rhonda and creates boundaries with her job and her family she will be married to her illness and at risk for untold complications.

There is no short term fix to solve her problems – she simply requires a lifestyle change with new priorities if she wants to get well.

What I know for sure is if she adopted the 10 basics of self care below she would be well in 3-6 months. I know this because I have seen people make these changes, and have did it myself curing 3 chronic illnesses.

Wellness is simply the predictable end result when we prioritize our self and wellness at the top!

Maybe you want to increase your productivity, or improve your lab work or emotional balance. You won’t do that sustainably without an improved lifestyle.

And that’s exciting because with significant change we will make lasting progress. We over-givers or over doers must adjust to give in proportion to what suits our energy. We must receive real food, deep sleep and pure water to increase our reserves. We must appreciate life in order to relax. We need to connect thoughtfully with other people that inspire us to keep our changes going. We need to talk about our new visions as if they had already happened and express our happiness fully to increase life’s meaning and excitement to keep growing.

In many ways well being is so simple we can overlook the basics, putting effort into things that are way too hard to last!

And I’ll admit if you aren’t in a state of well being right now it can be complex, even overwhelming to correct your world initially, but don’t give up! The first month is a huge challenge but it gets easier from there.

You’ve probably heard all ten of the self care priorities I am about to share (at least I hope so!) but this time really look at your life and be honest with where you are at with them. If you are a little weak on some there is compelling evidence and reasoning to support them.


I’d love to add more books to support this list, so please share any others that you know to support these basics on the blog. I appreciate the wisdom each of you brings to the table so share your thoughts here. —click here.
Let’s keep meeting life’s transitions with joy!
Love, Gwendolyn

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