Save Your Life

IMG_1329   “I needed help losing weight and kick starting a healthy life. My goal was surpassed! Every expectation I had was met and more!”

Kim Hull Feltz, Corp. Trainer, wife & busy Grandmother


Gwendolyn is such an exquisite catalyst for love and transformation, and a natural muse.

Michele McHall, author, coach, CPCC

th I have learned to make adjustments in caring for myself. For me, working with a coach is key to rapid adaptation to life’s transitions. Gwendolyn helps me see and do what needs to be done to take care of me.

Rebecca Stockley, Applied Improve at the

515“Gwendolyn inspires me. She has a great memory for details and interactions and a heart centered approach that is informed by decades of experience. She is helping me create a life that I love. I can count on her for honesty, wisdom, vision and dedication.” —Christine Tulis, harpist and healer.

Coaching with Gwen Grace was a delight. She beautifully modeled authentic presence as she championed me on my path to greater authenticity. Working with her was fun and inspiring.

Susan Keel RN, JD, Life Coach

portraitI have found Gwendolyn to be deeply committed to the work we do together. I know she is there for me at 100%. She is fantastic at holding my focus through the turbulence of a new business venture, chronic illness, and a challenging personal relationship. Gwendolyn is creative while humorous and direct in her manner – all of which benefit me greatly in growing my healthy, fulfilling life!  

 Shunya Anding, Wellness Coach at HeartWisdom Coaching, specializing in Lupus and Autoimmune Disorders




I’ve been thinking over the work we did together. I feel that its main purpose was to move me into a place where I can prosper. I am now in that place. I know you helped me get to where I am. You taught me that I was BOLD. I enjoyed your sense of humor, service and creativity. Thanks!

Lynda McDaniel, Business Writing Coach


I am learning to use my energy more efficiently… know I am perfect the way I am. I am grounded and can speak from an authentic place of who I am in the space of coaching with Gwen. It has let more authenticity bubble up in the rest of my life. My life lesson from our work has been to relax.

Sharon, regaining self confidence

0003241669_21Gwendolyn has a way of lovingly getting to the point while staying focused to clarify and manifest the next vital steps along the path to your vision and dreams.

Bodhi Setchko, shamanic flute, keyboard, creator of “Peace is Now” a musical inspiration.

IMG_0870After a session with Gwen, I am physically alive…in touch with what is deep in me…I love that I can go to this place of feeling alive…..I appreciate that my barriers are down…I appreciate me. 

Gwen’s impact on a client recovering from chronic illness