Midlife—Don’t Worry, It Can Rock

Stop Worrying—The wisdom of midlife opens doors never known in youth.
I recently was given this card. I smiled and remembered my forties when I lived in a constant state of worry. I thought time was running out to get my family and home in shape. How was I going to sort out my career and my marriage?
Where was I going to live for the long term? How could I take care of myself, the house, the garden, volunteer at the library and the kid’s schools? It felt like a sort of panic that lived in my head that wanted me to race across the finish line and win. Win what? I am not sure! I was tired. Annoying health issues were appearing and the thought that I “was a loser” took ground.

At the time I would have told you it was unrealistic to stop worrying. Worry was vitally my job description—after all I was a mother of adolescents experimenting with alcohol and a corporate wife in a falling economy and a nurse looking after the whole sick world! Jeez, relax? Impossible. (If you feel like this, hang on!) 

   Worry—”to give way to anxiety or unease; allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles”. We have all heard the expression “I worried myself sick” about something. Well that is exactly what I did between forty and fifty!
Then fifty arrived and a new day dawned. An illness slowed me down.  One of the woman who most helped me reinforced that midlife is by design a time to reassess who we are, what we want and begin again.

Turning fifty called me to dig through my treasure chest of life experiences and find the gold and toss out the rocks.

If you are willing to do the dig and look at the dead ends in your life, the wrong turns and turns not taken, you will, absolutely will, find a clear path, one of peace beyond all previous understandings with GRACE. 

And you don’t have to do it alone!

You’ll make new friends along the way.

Give: What does worry give you? How does it display in your body?
Receive: What is the opposite of worry for you?
Appreciate: Consciously feel your feet on the ground, your bum in your seat and your breath going in and out.
Connect: What is most important in this day for you to feel and share? 
Express: “Wisdom is within me. In the stillness I discern my inner direction.”

Loving Wellness because You Are Worthy!

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