Is This You?

You may not know how to get what you want or even what you want, but you’re ready to dig into self discovery and make some changes.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?
  • At the end of the day you realize that your To-Do-List is taking a toll on your peace of mind.  You are trapped in thoughts about how your body looks, is aging, or feels, maybe your self-esteem is sagging.  Worry consumes you, knowing much of the time you are neglecting your own needs.
  • You catch yourself over giving and depleting yourself and want a way to stop. You love contributing. You have friends and family that keep you busy and jobs to get done. It is more than you can possibly do.  Somehow the list keeps growing. Oh, dear.
  • You miss the vitality, vigor and enthusiasm you used to have. You have a health or a weight issue or both. You want more energy to find a better job, to meet better people, or to do interesting things calling your name.
  • Work is too demanding. You’ve wondered at times if it makes you sick. You’re not sure at this point if it’s the right kind of work since it makes you so tired.  It this work really worth it? Is it using my skills. Are you having any fun? You’d really like to find time to catch up, rest, and reassess, but how?
  • You are always in “busy” mode and desire support that allows you to succeed and breath, to do what you have never done before. You want to relax! You’re beyond thinking things will improve on their own, but they haven’t and you’re ready to put your own self care first.
  • You are overwhelmed, maybe confused. You’d really like to have a simple plan for living, to simplify work, and your relationship situations, to look at your diet, exercise and life overall. Life feels like a treadmill. Your anxious. Sigh.
  • You’re dealing with stress or fear, maybe an illness (possibly chronic), insomnia, an autoimmune disease, or symptoms that pull you off-center and are not going away. This makes you feel crazy, and sometimes sad, believing you are less than what is needed to have the life you want.  A part of you feels like a broken record, maybe even hopeless. (It’s NOT).


IMG_0976“My stress was a 10 out of 10 when I came and a 2 when I left, only because I had to leave! They were the best five days. Fabulous. ”   Ellen Tobin,  Mill Valley, California



You are ready for Gwendolyn if . . .
  • You seek a life you can love, a job you can enjoy and the health to go with it. You know that there is much more to life than having the obligations of job, family and the world upon your shoulders. You truly want to use your life, resources, and time in a way that serves your wellbeing.
  • You are NOT willing to “settle” for tired, overwhelmed, struggling or feeling you are at the mercy of too many demands in life. You fear you may not be able to perform the job you love for the long term, or handle transitions like moving, parenting challenges or relationship stress. You want to manage your life and feel truly alive.
  • You believe that time is of the essence because your body, intuition, or symptoms are telling you so.  You are afraid you may end up like others around you or in your family, but are sometimes too frustrated or hopeless to deal with your concerns.  You may have more wine or desert than you want to stuff the feelings down.
  • You are baffled by what it is going to take to live WELL in your present circumstances. But that’s what you really want and determined to get it. (I like you already).
  • You want connections with someone who values living well. While you value your peers, family and friends, you crave connection with those more dedicated to inspired living that would support your new direction.
  • A good part of your “free time” is devoted to seeking recovery from your day. You may have patterns of illness or stress that reoccur. You may attend workshops, read books, attend retreats, and use vacations to recover energy, belong to a spiritual group and have tried exercise routines or diets to support your efforts. Yet, you are not there.
  • You are ready to move into success and you want  help now.           

My commitment: I will work with you until you get over it, whatever it is and GET IT, that being— what you DESIRE. Guaranteed.


 “From Gwen’s caring, nurturing manner, knowledge and understanding of the human soul, and her skills and gifts in counseling, her well-rounded program provided a holistic variety of tools I can work towards being healthy. With gratitude and optimism, I honestly say my expectations were surpassed. I look forward to healthier years ahead.” Judy Cardenas, Social Worker, Toronto, Canada



You’ll get the most out of my help if…

  • You’re committed to discovering more about yourself.
  • You’re ready to “look under the covers” and make yourself a priority.
  • You’re willing to be honest about what is and isn’t working.
  • You’re are open to partnership, and support.


Working with me 1 t0 1, in a group or on a retreat is a good fit if you want to:
  • Find wellness by exploring your personal, cultural, professional, and financial direction—from the inside out.  All of these affect well-being and success.
  • Discover a more authentic life path that fulfills the desires of your heart and mind.
  • Clarify what you want for the next phase of your life, and actualize your vision in a realistic, naturally motivating, and honorable way.
  • Learn how to discern your own wisdom to make the best life decisions.
  • Lessen the impact of fears, self-doubt, and unhelpful negative mind chatter.
  • Have more confidence, peace and everyday joy.

Coaching with me will help you address the immediate challenges facing you, and it’ll also give you a set of tools and skills you’ll continue to use long after the coaching has concluded.