Get Beyond Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue / Chronic Pain

Did chronic illness strike you out of the blue?

Whether it came on suddenly or over the years you can improve and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t heal. For me, illness was a report card on years of an ‘overwhelmed and undernourished lifestyle’ so common in our culture. I fully recovered and want to share how I think you can ….

…. with nature inspired self care, self-awareness and new practices.

With proper advice and a change of lifestyle in 21 days I was 80% well and in six months I was totally well.

I went thru five doctors, an eight-week clinic, and over 120 appointments for consultations and treatments during my worst year prior to stopping all of that and finding my own voice.

The great news is that the process of recovery is like getting a PhD in wellness.  You will learn about devoted self-care and how to stay well. It’s a relief to only see my physician for an annual check up. Amen.

Changing your lifestyle may seem difficult, but it is much easier than living with illness and much less expensive! Estimates suggest over 14 million people in the US alone have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and diabetes and obesity are growing.

Many of us suffer from depression, stress, digestive issues, and chronic injuries, all of which I no longer endure. Food can be your medicine, along with daily self care for the body and the soul.


Conditions do not have to be forever! You may recover by changing your energy.

  • If you could go to the store and buy wellness you would. Wellness coaching is a step in that direction to shift from ‘Disease Care’ to ‘Health Care’ by moving into ‘Self Care’
  • As a culture, living in balance is a real challenge for all of us. I know.
  • Is it TIME to choose Wellness?

It takes new beliefs and changing the “water you swim in” to let go of any undesired condition. Suffering can end up suppressing your immune systems, your hope, affecting those around you and eventually your whole world. You are here for a reason. Don’t go it alone. Stop the cycle.

The potential for your recovery is exciting. Adjusting to a lifestyle of chronic illness isn’t the solution, but it is often where medical care points people with chronic conditions while offering them little hope of recovery.

Remember this alert—Many healthcare jobs and products depend on your illness continuing for them to exist and profit. In order to get well, the incentives and intentions for health must come from you.  ou must become your own health advocate and challenge the system. You can take charge of your own life with education and information.

Seek people who believe in wellness and practice self care to support you.

A STRONG and HAPPY Woman lives inside YOU.

GET WELL Sooner than Later

Until the book is out, I have a brief article about the steps I did to recover available on this website where you can learn in detail what I did. I’d love to help you as a professional wellness partner.

I believe those of us with a history of illness have more in common than not. After my experience, I am filled with compassion for anyone in less than perfect health.

Love, Gwendolyn

May your desire for wellness grow ever larger as your tolerance for suffering decreases. G.GRACE