RETREAT INTO GRACE— Rejuvenate with Sunshine and Self Care

            securedownload “Give Me Just Five Days and I’ll Show You the Essential Strategies to Reboot Your Tired Body, Jumpstart Your Energy and Create a Self Care Plan That Will Allow You To Rejuvenate Your Life…”

Next Retreat Into GRACE Opening is April 2016, (sign up by January 1, 2016 and SAVE 25%).

 Get Rested, Restored and Inspired!

Self Care and Peace of Mind is What Happens Here!     

IMG_0285Annas Hummingbird feeding on Honeysuckle Flowers           

Come individually or enroll your own group for reduced rates.

DSCN0221    “What an amazing week! This retreat had all the benefits you could ask for; learning so much about my self, my health needs, my emotions and psyche, with nature, nutrition and spiritual therapy.  I made mind, body and soul connections and understandings.  Thank you, Gwendolyn, for all the nurturing, wisdom, guidance and love.”  Cheri Drees, Sales Administrator, and grandmother of four, Marin County, California.                                                                     

“They were the best five days of my life! I hope to do it again. ” Ellen Tobin, Mill Valley, CA

“To say what stood out as most valuable is almost impossible. The sharing and discovery time was an opportunity for growth, learning, compassion, and healing. The pool time and reflexology did wonders for aches, pains and stress.” Judy Cardenas, New Market, Ontario, Canada

You can float in the turquoise waters beneath the sapphire skies…in a land of hummingbirds.             

Dear Wise Woman… We are meant to be strong and happy. I love feeling well everyday and helping others catch the hope I have. You can have this too.  I wasn’t always like this though. Like many of you, I was out of balance with food, sleep and health, wanting lifestyle support. In pain and feeling life was calling for a change, tired of being tired, longing for restoration and relaxation I called a time out.  Hi, I am Gwen, an RN, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Writer, hostess of this sacred retreat space where I came to recover my health and happiness in 2007 when ….Gwen-slider5-Oct26

  • …I struggled with a health crisis of depression, pain, fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety, weight gain, IBS, sleeplessness, hopelessness and feeling alone with all of it. It was a disastrous time… I nearly lost my marriage, my confidence, nearly my life and work. I was that type A woman on the track of doing it all, and doing it all is IMPOSSIBLE!  No one is the “all giving nurse, wife, mother, employee and Martha Stewart type” at the same time without paying a price. I aimed for perfection and it made me tired, disappointed and eventually sick! I was exhausted. I took on too much, over giving to prove my worth, unable to say NO.  When five doctors were unable to help me, I WOKE up and realized that the world was bigger than their opinions. I turned my attention away from the medical world and everything else that frustrated me. I quit hospital staff nursing and took a leave. Devoting myself to my own self care I followed a holistic plan of desires and eating well. I went to Palm Springs, left my stressed family, to stare at the hummingbirds and in 3 weeks I was 80 percent well. In 6 months I was a picture of health.

It wasn’t a miracle. It was focus, fun, and intention with a plan.


When I stayed 100 percent well the next year my family, work and life became joyful. That is when I started writing about health, and entered into wellness coaching. I decided to write a memoir which will be published by the end of this year!

My confidence grew when I took a clear stand for my health, the love and environment I needed and the life I wanted. The greatest surprise was the family relationships that had been on the skids completely returned around when I did.

Today I celebrate 7 years of health, a 35 year rocking marriage, 2 adult children that have their heads on straight. They now respect me and me them—with boundaries.                                                                                                                         

I no longer wonder what life is for or where I belong. I now have joy despite whatever daily situations bring because I have a reserve of energy and a sure fire  health plan that never lets me down!

Get Inspired by women over 70 still dancing and singing away!

Get Inspired by women over 70 still dancing and singing away

Life is short and doesn’t wait for us, so now is the time to be enjoyed.

That is why I created securedownloadRETREAT INTO GRACE— five days of inspiration and relaxation.

“It was the highlight of my trip to Southern California!” Serena, special needs therapist and teacher.

  • Recharge your Spirit, Emotions and Body
  • Eat right, Improve Fitness and Enjoy the Hummingbirds, Sun and Palm Trees
  • Get Expert Advice on Your Labs & Supplements  

DSCN0320  Define a new lifestyle of nutrition, yoga, meditation, nature and quiet. Leave with a new love for yourself. Learn new ways to live and feel better.           The Schedule comes from the word GRACE: Giving to your self: Meditation, Journal time, Dream shares, Quiet time, Pool time and Yoga. Receiving abundantly: Sleep, Foot Reflexology, Spa Options, Proper Food— Nutri-bullet smoothies, eat smart lunches on El Paseo Ave. a mecca of fine foods, eating right for your blood type. Appreciating Everything: Rest and comfort, Nature’s tropical desert—birds, flowers, palms and oasis galore. Connecting: Daily Discovery Groups to get to know yourself in a new way and create your unique GRACE life map for ongoing success. Expressing: Art, Hiking, Walking, Photography and Cooking Class options. Find intimacy in inspirational activities or simply spend time alone. You can enjoy spectacular nature with two optional hikes. Get on the path of Strong & Happy  because you are worthy of both! In lush privacy, you’ll be 2 blocks from 5 star shopping, galleries & the 1800 Acre Living Desert Gardens—or never leave the property, read, swim in the saltwater pool or read under the palms. With time to relax and explore this time out provides an option for pre and post trip life coaching to create and maintain progress in your personal and unique lifestyle choices. The Coachella Valley of Palm Springs has an aliveness that expands the soul. It is where I took care of Mrs Betty Ford as a private duty nurse and it’s where Gerald Ford became our oldest living President. It is where I met a team of pharmacist that work with the stars and turn illness around every day—including mine! You will also have access to them, share inner wisdom with other women, and spend time doing NOTHING! This Retreat Supports Women Like You To: *Lose weight, gain energy, explore the right food plan, understand your lab values, identify your life’s best direction and to find hope for change *Restore Youthful Vitality and a radiant Glow *Beat Burn Out by eating Healthy and resting for five full days *Explore your present challenges and find solutions *Make room for your creative, feminine, and your quiet side in an overwhlemingly, masculine world.

The Taquitz Falls hike was magnificent.

The Taquitz Falls hike was magnificent.

"Your retreat was a wonderful experience. I explored what I need for wholeness and ways to decompress." Cindi, mother of two.

“Your retreat was a wonderful experience. I explored what I need for wholeness and ways to decompress.” Cindi, mother of two.

"I enjoyed a safe space to practice healthy living, relax, and rest while doing my own personal growth work!" Carrie Kish, Leadership.

“I enjoyed a safe space to practice healthy living, relax, and rest while doing my own personal growth work!” Carrie Kish, Leadership.

"I loved this place. I kicked back in the pool and created a vision of the life I truly wanted!" Ann, Lic. Physical Therapist.

“I loved this place. I kicked back in the pool and created a vision of the life I truly wanted!” Ann, Lic. Physical Therapist.




Frequently Asked Questions: What if five days isn’t enough for me? Extending your stay is an option. Longer customized trips can be designed,too. What if my problem can’t be solved? My knowledge with women’s issues is broad and my resources are vast! You may be a very independent woman (meaning you prefer not to ask for help), and with that in mind I created this retreat just for you! You will have access to a team of health and wellness professionals and plan days that work for you. I want to come but this feels self indulgent. How do I justify the time away and the cost? I know you are used to spending time and money on others. This is a wonderful opportunity to invest in yourself. For me investing in myself paid off many times over giving me new energy with family members and my work. I didn’t know where it would lead but knew I had to do something. If you know you need to do something, even if you don’t know what that is, then this is for YOU. Am I Ready For This? If at this very moment you feel you are over committed, feel you have no time, have the fear of being thought selfish, have fears of hoping for change, or have symptoms of health problems, then you ARE ready and this IS for you.


Retreat Details: Five Days and Nights of lodging plus Two Meals a Day  (We’ll go to extraordinary places for our third meal out—Wolfe Gang Puck’s, the Ritz and Tommy Bahamas- so you’ll learn to order great food in a healthy way.)

This retreat is limited to 5 women to allow for individual attention. Includes private rooms or room can be shared for reduced cost.  Bonus—sign up three months ahead of time for early bird pricing and get a free Foot Reflexology Session included .


Pricing for Five Days of Self Care, Classes and Expertise.

Next retreat is April 2016 !  

Early Bird Pricing ON ANY RETREAT—

Book 3 months in advance to save $1,000 and pay only $1495.

Book one month in advance, save $500 and pay $1,995.

After March, 2016 your cost is $2,495 for five nights—still a fabulous value!


ten meals, cooking class, meditation, yoga, pool, spa, and a private room. Includes admission into the Living Desert museum and Indian Canyons for discovery walks.

(Does not include travel to and from Palm Springs Airport or cost of daily lunch out. Allow $25-30 dollars for lunch daily)

Don’t need lodging? If you already live in the Palm Springs area your cost for all five days is $975.

For more information about Retreat Into Grace call— 415.686.6197 

Let’s set up a time to talk. It’s about investing in yourself today for a better tomorrow!

Loving Wellness, Gwendolyn          

Contact Gwendolyn to enroll– 415-686-6197