Hi, I’m Gwendolyn.   RN., CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach). Author. Creative Nurse for 25 years. Hostess of this sacred space where inspiration, learning and truth-telling commingle. I blog about life, graceful living and wellness. You’ll find my topics far reaching but they all tie into a lifestyle of  self care. That’s because without self care all the important things suffer.

My editor is working on a book of my journey to wholeness, meanwhile, it’s time to put you at the top of your list to change your world.

I’m a highly intuitive woman and will bring questions about your relationships, work and family. It all matters. Meeting life’s transitions with joy means we bring the scattered parts of us together.

I’ll be writing from Southern California, especially the desert, where I recovered from illness in 2007 and got in touch with the most amazing resources there.

Your real truth—the truth that gives you a solid place to take a stand—without guilt or the need for others approval—creates your self care plan.

Self Care with truth and grace is the end of people pleasing! It is the beginning of getting real, nothing but the truth so help you, NOW.

It is where you testify for yourself and attract your own good!

If what you desire is undiscovered, unknown and covered with the “past’s disappointments”, how can those desires come about?

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Self Care is not about being the “good one”, or fitting into the culture of over giving, overdoing and getting the Barbie Dream House. Life can be wild and irreverent, with desires that no one else begins to understand! Your self care may need stillness,  be minimalistic or it may be filled with nature and animals. Your truth is going to break through any barriers that block your power and ability to relax. I’m all for finding what you really love and letting it heal you, and open you to laugh or cry. You’ll feel a whole lot better!

My gifts and skill sets will meet you where you are. You don’t have to be a pretty picture to work with me. In one moment, I might be your cheer leader or a wellness guide, in the next, an intuitive healer, or a fierce challenger of your excuses. I can look benenth the ashes and be a tenderhearted witness deeply touched by the beauty of who you are.

GwenGrace.com and this site are about you and your self care. I want your input and I also freely share my own personal experiences on the blog  in the hopes that telling the stories of my authentic life will help others claim their truths, too.

I’d like to hear from you and know what you need. If you don’t like your story, let’s start over and make a new one.

Need to know more about me?

Making sense of three worlds: Farm Girl, University and Corporate Life

My early life was split between a large Midwest City and my grandparent’s southern homesteads. I got the best of both worlds: collegiate ideologies with a degree in Nursing and Health from the University of Cincinnati and the hands on world of food and farms.  One minute I was reading Thoreau and the next minute I go to be him, walking the land, fishing in the pond, picking fruits and vegetables, seeing newborn calves in the barn where the aroma of hay filled the air and the Guernsey cows got milked by hand.

My grandparents lived like pioneers.  Enamored by horses pulling hand held plows,  ‘Black Bird and White Bill’, showed me the freedom that comes when power meets beauty and grace.  This scene still resonates with me. Horses, Power. Beauty. And Grace… deep breath.

I was the “quiet one” growing up (that changed when I had children!). I grew African violets and won a physics fair for the study of wave motion. I drifted from a love of scholastics to be of “service”—putting my attention on being the “good girl”. No need to tell you how that worked out—yes—exhausted!

My training as a nurse was exciting, but I overloaded my life. Volunteering was too much when I added student, wife, mother, homemaker, citizen and save the world on top of it.

My marriage to a corporate executive led to 20 homes in five different geographies, all over the USA and in one year in Holland. Very Exhausting.

Working in hospitals, working all hours of the day and night taught me that sleeping poorly is a risk to us all.

My city and country, save the world and support the husband, good girl background came together when an illness asked me to define who I really was from the inside out. I found my way into coach training and leadership at that point and it led me to the power to heal. 

My time of illness— chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, adrenal burn out and emotional pain— put my focus on self care AND self care with boundaries.

Life prepared me to help you find the courage to take care of yourself, and fiercely support who and what you are. You’ll find a space to be seen and heard.

If you need encouragement to take your self care seriously, you are in the right place.

If you’re in the wild west of your life, I not afraid to go there with you, and help you get the hell out of ‘Dodge’.  

Devoted to Women and The Power of Our Roles

I’m good at difficult conversations and turning things around. In raising my own children, as a parent of a child with learning disabilities, I started a successful parent support group. When my local park, was lost to vagrants, I recruited over a hundred people, managed and supervised their efforts at Holiday Park in Indianapolis and received the Mayor’s award.

I’ve run support groups, raised two children to adulthood (one with recovered addiction issues and one with ADD), and planted my heart in the field of marriage (now 30 plus years).

My marriage turned around when I achieved equality after years of being the  “good executive wife” (through a dozen relocations).  The corporate lifestyle challenged my values, my health and my role as a women in balancing home, family and work. I learned to say no to decision until it was for my greater good, also. Today, I have one incredible family, a supportive husband, a California home in Palm Desert and do what I love.

If YOU need help to define and hold your vision of desires, with actions with your heart, I am here for you. Dreams without the behaviors to bring them about are merely illusion. Let’s get real together!

Living out of balance led to disease. Recovering from a disease (that was forecasted to be forever!) changed my attitudes about health and how to live well.

If you are suffering from something, it will be a gift to find your super powers and use them in new ways.

Life Lesson One: Giving to Ourselves First

I don’t think any condition in our lives is random, but often a report card on our past years of focus or accumulated fears. Undernourished living creates imbalance. In our culture this sort of lifestyle is rampant, even rewarded. Lesson: Our biology as humans and women requires circles of support and tender love.

Women can be a leader of wellness.  Stop worrying about them and take care of YOU! Circumstances change when you do.  Your luscious femininity and focused masculinity (yes – we have both) need to be integrated to guide you!

The most natural and easy solutions are my passion because they work You, whether fifteen with PMS (easy to fix!) or fifty and not sleeping (crucial to fix!), or sick and tired of the work you are in need to know how to stay connected to all that you love. That’s what creates wellbeing.  When fully expressed you’ll avoid illness and depression.

Through the lens of wellness I see how blessed I am as a nurse and coach to have access to information that supports living well. That’s what I share in my work, facebook, twitter and weekly with breaks for vacation on my blog. These resources shouldn’t be a secret but it often seems they are. (more about my fibromyalgia recovery ). You can count on me to be a resource for your greater good and to be reliably here for you.

When I’m not engaged with clients, writing or running a retreat, I can be found writing, cooking, hiking, swimming or eating great food in the southern California, and the Coachella Valley where I live and hold quiet retreats. The area allows access to nature 360 days a year (it does rain 5 days a year here!)

I am blessed with a grown son and daughter and a super son-in-love. They all live in the L.A. beach towns.  Never give up on your kids! They will teach you forever!     

My business is a result of a passion that came from seeing what self care could do.

My Pledge:

My sessions are founded on respect, encouragement and excited truth telling!

I am here to offer solutions and have you choose what feels best. I will reflect your words ( and your excuses!) back to you,  for you to sort them out. I am not afraid to tell you honestly what I am thinking.  My realness and imperfections will help you face your own. I find that the truth is the most encouraging thing individuals, families and organizations can ever hear and always welcome your feedback.

Love, Gwendolyn 415-686-6197